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    Does CS4 not handle HDV at all? (Final Cut convert question)




      We've just started using CS4 PPro on a new Quad core machine, upgrading from FCP on a Mac for video editing. I've spent all day trying to capture and edit footage from a two camera shoot using Sony HVR1s but keep getting out of sync footage.


      The footage was recorded in 1080i HDV and looks fine on the camera monitor all the way through (35 mins). Strangely the footage captured also looks fine in the PPro MPEGs created when viewed in Windows Media Player.


      However, when viewing in both the source and programe windows in PPro the audio and video for the footage is way out of sync. Am I missing something obvious here? Does it need to be rendered to resync?


      I've scoured these forums, tried using HDVsplit, etc but cannot seem to reliably edit the HDV footage with this software? Please help, I've wasted a day trying to get my head round this and can't believe we've spent $1000s on something which doesn't seem to work!