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    Lack of useful components for application developer :-(


      I want to share some remarks about our rewrite old Windows application to new AIR/flex application.


      If any Adobe staff will reading this it will be great :-)




      For colorfull web application with exotic buttons is Flex undoubtedly great choice.

      But there is many developers (and firms like us) who looking for something little different.

      We got bunch of Windows application written in Delphi. And we want (must) to move to another technology.

      AIR is superior in language, runtime, simple move-to-web, blazeDS, tools and ecosystem growth is promising.


      The only bad thing about Flex/AIR is UI. Yes, you hear right. UI is our biggest show-killer. And I am afraid that even with spark it will not be better.



      We wrote application not coloring-book.


      So we want only basic but state-of-the-art UI-standard componnets.

      ToolBar, CoolBar, Button with three states, Button with icon and auto-disabled-grayed-icon, etc..


      1) I found on the web three technique how to add icon on the spark button. Two of them include skinning. Absolutly confusing!


      2) No useful CoolBar. How long it takes make CoolBar like in Adobe Acrobat Reader or MS Word in my application? This is matters for me!



      I dont want two or three full-time developers extra for making basic components for us.



      In this point Silverlight got 100% lead. No doubt.





      We still evaluate both technologies. We like Flex because is more JAVA friendly that SilverLight, but lack of usefull components will be final dead-end.

      Am so sorry.




      Know Adobe staff about this issues?

      Want Adobe application-developers or only web-developers?

      Planning Adobe making application components in the future or is satisfied with current state?

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          Go to hotjobs.com and search for silverlight jobs.


          As you say, Flex / AIR has its advantages. Add to that the fact that Microsoft can no longer execute on new technologies well, and I think we'll see Silverlight maintain itself as a parallel technology for a while, but Flex/AIR is where its at.


          The marketplace states this loud and clear.

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            cesnek Level 1

            One thing is what is technology is better for me. More jobs in the future.

            Another thing is what is better path for migrating a lot Delphi application.



            Is realy so hard to make simple, nice and usefull toolbar in Flex? I cant find anything. So maybe I must try myself :-(


            What you mean with "Microsoft can no longer execute on new technologies well"?



            My main question in previous post should be "what about lack of useful components".

            And I expected one of this answers:


            • Adobe is happy with current state. Main Adobe bussines is colorful web-application.
            • Adobe know there should be rich components, but now has no time. In the near future Adobe deal with it.
            • I am dummy person and making great "toolbar" is easy as a piece of cake.