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    changing the visibility of a button?




      I've got a var...


      private var displayProductDetailonDblClk:Boolean = undefined;


      I've got a button...


      <mx: id="myButton" label="select" visible={displayProductDetailonDblClk} />

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          nickmiddleweek Level 1

          ...Ooops... posted too soon




          I am setting the Boolean value of displayProductDetailonDblClk in the application creationComplete="init();" function.


          The button always remains hidden... I'm guessing this is because the predefined value of undefined is false...


          If I set the var to [Bindable] it does work but I've heard that [Bindable] should be used only where neccessary as it creates lots of background code... Is there a way I can invoke the button myself to force it to do a refresh?


          Or thinking about it, perhaps I should just set the .visible property in the init() function? Would that make more sense?


          Or is there a button.refresh() call ?





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            It's my understanding that you need to have [Bindable], otherwise the control won't pick up the changes in your value.


            If you really don't want to use Bindable though, you could just have the following in your init();


            myButton.visible = whatever



            Hope that helps.