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    Running a Global RoboHelp Project?

    ntompkins Level 1

      This post is a mixture of question and knowledge share, I recently asked RH guru Peter Grainge for his advice on how I should tackle a global RH project - his response is below.


      I would be interested in hearing war stories from anyone who has had to deploy a RH project globally where barriers such as version control, languages, branding, etc have been overcome. I have built several small RH projects in various languages so like to feel I have a good grasp of the basics but would like to see if there are any good examples out there that can guide me.


      I am in the stages of planning a global RH project and looks like I'll be using functionality such as variables, conditional builds and source control but I would be really interested to hear what is happening out there. Look forward to hearing from you.







      Why a private message? This is one where you want the experience of as many people as possible and where the answer will help others instead of being buried here.


      First let's look at the differerent brand and terminology issues. Variables are the answer there. ProductName1 would have a default of say Automobile and be set to Car for another output. In RH8, variables can contain  images. Not sure about RH7 without checking.


      Languages will certainly complicate things. You really need an agency whose skills include working with RoboHelp projects. This article will also help you. http://www.adobe.com/devnet/robohelp/articles/localized_projects.html


      Multiple authors on one project mean you must work with source control. I don't do source control but this might help. http://www.adobe.com/devnet/robohelp/articles/robosource.html


      I am not aware of  any studies that cover your requirements. Depending on where you are based, I might be able to recommend some consultants to you who could provide detailed assistance and set things up for you. They would charge for that.


      Hope this gives you some idea of what is involved. Feel free to post your question and the preceeding parts of this reply if you would like to get wider input.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          I think it might help with the replies to quote from the original question.


          "I have now been asked to move things up a notch and put together a proposal which will help us launch online help for a software solution globally.


          The main points are that:


          It will cover several versions of the same product with the core functionality remaining consistent.

          It will need to include 'branded' screenshots and use different terminologies dependent on the market

          It will be in several languages, (for instance Spanish and US English in the USA market as well as Far Eastern and European languages).

          Have the ability to be edited by 3-4 users globally with the content still being able to be controlled centrally.


          Do you know of anyone using RH in a more sophisticated way? or know where I can access case studies of such a scenario? I am looking around but cant seem to find anything that would help me put together a sketch of how we can build it here."


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips