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    Textfield border and fill not printed

    Pāvils Jurjāns



      Please consider this code:


      _root.createTextField("elm1", 1, 0, 0, 90, 30);
      var tf = _root["elm1"];
      tf.selectable = false;
      tf.multiline = true;
      tf.html = true;
      tf.embedFonts = true;
      tf.border = true;
      tf.borderColor = 0;
      tf.backgroundColor = 0x808080;
      var textStyle = new TextField.StyleSheet();
      textStyle.parseCSS(".normal {fontFamily: Arial; fontSize: 8}");
      tf.styleSheet = textStyle;
      tf.htmlText = "<span class=\"normal\">" + "ABC" + "</span>";


      This puts a textfield on the stage nicely, with borer and background. If I now right-click the player and choose "Print", the textfield's border and fill are not printed. The same (mis)behaviour is also when using the Flash's printing from ActionScript.


      Well, of course I can add the rectangle as another object, but maybe I can avoid it... I also went into all this textfield printing in order to debug dynamically generated printed report, where there are problems with textfield positioning and sizing and word wrapping -- seeing the textfield border would help to understand where Flash is thinking the dimensions of the textfield are.