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    Unwanted bookmarks on importing Word doc


      I use RH HTML. When I import a word doc that I haven't written, I sometimes find, after import, that some Word headings have been created in RH as bookmarks within a topic, rather than as separate html files. The TOC has been created correctly but these spurious topics link to bookmarks rather than to single html files.


      • I have mapped to Word headings using the import wizard's Split on Style page.
      • There are no user-inserted bookmarks in the docuemtn.
      • I have observed this in RH v5, 6, and 7

      My workaround is to cut the offending sections from the Word doc, paste into Notepad, then re-insert this unformatted text back in the Word doc. Apply the necessary styles, then import to RH. This solves the problem, but it is time-consuming and I wondered whether anyone recognised the problem and had an easier solution.