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    Exporting videos, source size issue


      Hello all,


      I have posted on here before regarding export settings with CS4 Premiere and the Media Encoder. I have just discovered something very strange and wonder if anyone else has experienced this.


      I have screen grabs below of a video that I have put in the media encoder to resize. This file has just been exported through Premiere at 480 x 270. However as you can see below, the size of the source file is showing up as 480 x 272 when in the export settings. Where and why did these extra 2 pixels come from? As you can see from the output tab on the encoder, this has now added black bars to the left and right to compensate for these extra 2 pixels. I have attached a screen grab from the FLV player to show that the file is in fact 480 x 270. This is why our output files are getting black bars addded to them, the programme is incorrectly interpretting the source size.


      Anyone with any help or advice or if you also experience this, please reply!


      Thanks, Amanda.