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    Simple slicing dead end

    NEMAZ Level 1

      How is it possible to turn text layer based slices into a html text with the same type settings I've already set up in artwork  (as an example - to export/save file for dreamweavever)?


      First scenario: I slice an artwork at Illustrator using object based slicing and, in slice option panel, mark text based slices as html text (some text setting appears in "Text displayd in cell" field). But after saving for web the artwork is ruined: Tables have changed their positions and dimensions, braking images apart and text (font, size, colour) is not the same as in artwork.

      Second scenario: I slice an artwork with object/layer based slicing and, using slice options panel, mark text layer based slices as "no image" ( at this point section "table" is unavaliable and "Text displayed in cell" is displayed blank (do I really have to enter manually, using html?)).

      But "saving for web" results with white fields in places where text should appear.


      I don't have a clue how to resolve this situation.

      I work with Adobe CS3 suite and CS4 Illustrator. Result is the same in all aplications, so I don't think it's because of some sort of bug.

      This is a first time I work with complex web site design slicing...

      Any tips and suggestions will be highly appreciated!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Honestly, I think you are looking for an easy way out where there is none. Text not appearing or messing up your layout usually means, its formatting is incompatible with what HTML and CSS allow you to do (or more down to the point: How rudimentary these automated functions generate it) and in fact at this point the only way to retain text would to generate it as images. And of course you enter the usual madness of "magic tables" with colspan and rowspan attributes, that almost always collapse in one way or the other and are a nightmare to edit and maintain. I can only advise you to seriously rethink your strategy - instead of trying to "saddle the horse from behind" and generate code with unsuitable apps, create a clean template in Dreamweaver, educate yourself about formatting and placing items with CSS and only then decide, which elements you actualyl need as images and generate them from AI or PS.