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    What architechture do I use for a Flex and Java application?


      Hi I am thinking of migrating a Java/Swing application to Flex3.


      The existing app architecture is as follows:

      Java/Swing client, JDO(Kodo) - Java Persistance engine, JMS - Messaging (for real time updates), EJBs - Business logic, Weblogic, UDB - Back-end database.


      I am looking to reuse a lot of the java server side functionality of the existing application (which includes EJB's and JDO and JMS).


      The requirements of the Flex client includes - the ability to talk to the EJB's on the Java server and the ability to receive real-time updates via JMS.


      I have read that Flex and Granite DS does a good job of Flex/Java/EJB integration. Is this the route I should take or does Flex/BlazeDS & remoting handle communcating to EJB's from a Flex client?


      In terms of the JMS I am looking to replace this with BlazeDS messaging functionality. Can this be done? Not sure.


      Any guidance on this would be great. Michael