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    Get object by id

    nikos101 Level 2

      If I have an object that is not a child of anything in my application, how do I get it with just its id name?

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          I don t know, if that s the best solution, but you can try this:


          Make a reference in your Main Application YourApp:


          public var myObject:Object;



          If you create your Object, use your Object from the Main Aplication

          YourApp(ComponentYouCreateYourObject.parentApplication).myObject = new Object();



          Actually, you shouldn't need the id anymore, because you are able to acces the object with this cast:





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            nikos101 Level 2

            Well the trouble is that I need to use the id parameter as I have a pool of objects and I don't want to repeate code. Basically someone clicks on a button and that particular button passed the id of the object I need as a string to a function

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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6

              I don't fully understand the problem, but if the issue is accessing a variable using a string, you may try this:




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                nikos101 Level 2

                wow it was that easy, thanks mate