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    Great start.


      Thanks for the great work. As a long time user of Quark, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat; here are a few notes and comments on Catalyst after using it for about a week. Don't forget that many if not most of the communication media "publications" have alteady existed in one form or another and any efforts at re-using the pieces, publications, templates, text and layouts we already have (oh say, hundreds of books...) helps to make a migration "viable".

      Keep up the good work!


      1. Import an InDesign layout file; or .inx or .pdf... ;..(
        Pretty please. We have hundreds of books/publications...

      2. Command Zero - fit in window - tried numerous times - InDesign will fit and center image; and remember the page display information from the previous view.

      3. Drag a component into the library
      4. Thought there would be some way to create a “master page” - in this case for a nav bar so I could create all the elements and they would be populated to all “pages”. In particular, I’d like to be able to add/subtract/modify elements I’ve overlooked when the design process is further along. I’m thinking pages is the concept implementation.
        For instance, in InDesign, command clicking on a master page item releases it from the master.

      5. A “Place” command - to import artwork

      6. User fonts don’t seem to update; I quit, installed in User/Library/Fonts/ a new set of fonts and restarted the application. It still didn’t see the fonts. (Photoshop did.)

      7. New layer (I expected to) create above (or below) current layer; not at the top where it’s difficult to get a hold of and reposition.

      8. When a layer is deleted the layers palette scrolls back to the top of the list; driving me crazy when there are about 50 layers.

      9. A sticky key for the import options when importing images (.ai) Like InDesign, the settings/import setup preferences (I would like to/should) stick until changed.

      10. Transform tool to scale or rotate whole object or group. I see the circular transform tool; it doesn’t seem to work on a composite object/group.

      11. When moving an image, click, hold, pause, pause, pause, should show a ghost image so the positioning can be previewed.

      12. Copy and paste set of custom interactions (or add the set as a component set to the library) for reuse and not retyping.

      13. Nudging arrow doesn’t seem to work most of the time; it evidently activates the HUD panel options. Sometimes?
      14. Change ruler zero point and increments/units.

      15. Align to canvas. Please.

      16. Can we import / Place sound?

      17. Blending modes. ?
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            Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

            Hi barbBear,


            Thanks for the great feedback!  Glad you're enjoying using Catalyst.


            1. We're definitely aware of the interest in this and are looking into it for the future.


            2. This will work in the next build of Catalyst that you see.


            3. Can you be more specific about this one?  Do you mean drag something directly from the Wireframe Components panel into the Library?


            4. Pages/States in Catalyst give you the ability to do things like this.  You can create the nav bar and then share it into other states (either right-click and choose Share To State, or go to the other state and click the eyeball in Layers).  This is actually a bit more flexible than the master pages metaphor, since you could have the shared nav bar layer be in a slightly different location in different pages/states, or have a different background color.  (And you can animate the transition between these differences).


            5. This exists today: File > Import Artwork


            6. Do you by any chance know what format these fonts were in?  Or what the file extension is?


            7. Good point.  I'll see what we can do about this.


            8. Ditto.


            9. Ditto.


            10. You should be able to rotate a group (or custom component) with the Transform tool. If you select a group and then select the Transform tool, what happens? Do the blue selection decorations turn into the black "transform" decorations, or no?


            11. Yep, good feedback.


            12. There's definitely a lot of interest in this.  We'll see what we can do.


            13. There is a known bug where the HUD will steal the keyboard focus after you've used the Convert Artwork to Component dropdown. To get around this, just click anywhere in the artboard area again. Does that sound like the issue you're seeing?


            14. Since Catalyst is very screen-focused, we expect pixels to be the dominant unit.  We may look at this for a future release, though.  Note that the zero point already automatically adjusts when you drill down to edit the contents of a component.


            15. We're looking into this.


            16. Ditto.


            17. You'll see some support for blending modes soon.


            - Peter

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              barbBear Level 1

              Thank you.


              Best Wishes,


              Barbara Bear


              Data Assist, Inc.


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                barbBear Level 1


                Thanks for the response. Keep up the good work. Hope to see more at Max.



                In an attempt to be able to utilize the PDF art/pages I have so many 

                of, I have taken the PDF into Illustrator and resaved as a native .ai. 

                Catalyst seems to behave "strangely" when I do this; e.g.; won't 

                scale, trouble selecting item, ) This may be related to item 10.