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    Power Cut messed up AE..?


      have a problem with my macpro.. my power cut whilst i had AE open on a HD project.

      when i turned it back on..All was not well... AE has been crashing and not handling anything. Even if i change preview settings to low and enable disk cache.. its still crashes.. im running a 2.2.8Ghz Quad-core Intel, 6GB DDR2..

      it used to run so smooth.. im not to familiar with my computer settings for AE. but it used handle allot more then what it is doing now..

      sometimes before it crashes it has an error message that says something about experiencing fragmentation and image buffer?? and changing memory usage. which i have done, but still crashes.. i dunno ??

      Has anyone had this happen to them before? any help will be appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Run your First Aid Utility to check for problems and also run Repair Permissions. Furthermore, use tools like OnyX to clean out any system caches that may have become tainted during the crash. On rare occasions it may be necessary to reset the system PRAM (see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1379) and run a system update after that to restore any firmware updates that were on the system. If neither of that does not help, then it's still possible your RAM got damaged during the power failure, but that is extremely rare. Try the above suggestions and see if things get better.



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            steezfx1 Level 1


            very useful...

            before i got this reply, I tried to uninstall AE with a App cleaner program.. I knew that the power cut probably made some weird file somewhere that made AE all wonky..So my thought was to use a app cleaner to try get rid of all things associated with AE rather than uninstall from disc as i know that leaves a lot of files behind... It worked but not without headache. as i had to re-install all third-party stuff.

            I live in South Africa and power cuts are a normal thing round these parts.. I'm definitely getting a uninterrupted power supply..

            thanks for knowledge...