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    Textures can not be displayed in some computer?


      Is anyone encounter this?: 3D scene is OK in most of computers, but can not be displayed correctly in some computers. Textures cannot be displayed, or even nothing can be seen but many many mess points (like TV have no program channel).

          It seems this problem has relationship with OS. I have a notebook computer, two OS on it, one is Win2000, and another is WinXP. My program is OK in XP, but not OK in Win2000.

          It also seems having relationship with RAM using. I have another computer. OS is Win2003. My program is not OK when using big texture image(eg. 2048*1024), but is OK when using small image(eg.256*128).

          My scene is very simple. Only a cube, and textures are applied on it. Camera is put in the internal (I have reversed the normal of the cube). Texture properties of lowest qualities are use:




          I use Director MX2004.

          How to overcome this problem? I want to make my program OK on all computers?