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    Removing color gradient background from video - help needed

    David Zeno Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I shot my son playing the violin against a white backdrop today, and what was pure white didn't turn out to be very white, I have gray

      areas, off white areas because of incorrect lighting.


      I want the background to be more white and more even than what it is right now.


      I thought of moving the video from track 1 up to track 2.

      I added in a title, which consists of a big box of white ( using the retangular tool I just drew a large white retangle that covers the entire movie area )


      Now to remove some of that white backdrop, I thought I would try some of the tools below, to remove the real backdrop, and let the white retangle

      from track 1 come through. ( so that the pure white comes through from track 1. )


      I've been going through the various options,


      - Chroma Key

      - Color Key

      - Change Color

      - Change To Color


      After 30 some minutes of fldding around, I thought I would just stop, and ask for help.  How would you proceed with this ?

      What process would you use ?


      I'm just puzzled as to which tool is best suited for a job like this, because right now my results are not to my liking, and it's just hard to get anything

      that looks good at all.


      Thanks for all help,