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    PPRO CS3 RS-422a device control?


      Hello everyone,


           I'm attempting to capture within Premiere Pro CS3 from a Panasonic AJ-HD130DC DVCPRO HD deck.  The manual states that the deck is RS-422a compatible and we've been successfully capturing from this deck using machine control with our Velocity HD system for quite some time so I know it should work.


           I've called adobe support, and after some time they simply told me to 'reinstall premiere'.  This seems ridiculous.


           I'm on an HP xw8600 workstation using the single COM1 port on the motherboard directly connected to the Panasonic deck. I've gone through the 'device control' settings in premiere and set it as follows:


      Protocol - Panasonic RS-422

      Port - COM1

      Time Source - LTC (only option)

      Time Base - 59.94/60fps


           This configuration gets rid or the "Device Control Error: No Communications with VTR" warning, so I know it's doing something.  But it still doesn't control the deck.


           I've looked into changing some of the settings on the COM1 port in Windows XP64 device manager, but I'm not sure of what it should be and left it default.


           Any ideas, thoughts or experience with this would be greatly appreciated.  This is a rather popular broadcast DVCPRO HD deck and it seems that premiere MUST be capable of communicating with it... that's what the "PRO" stands for right?



           Thank you.