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    Attaching Files

    Lotr Gollum Level 1

      I've created a form which requires the signatures of six people after it's completion.  The problem I have is that I need each of these six people to be able to attach documents to the form after others have signed it.  Currently after the document has been signed once, no one else is allowed to attach files.  I'd prefer to use just the simple "Document > Attach a File" from the menu bar, but I'm open to scripting as well, although I already tried it an selected not to lock those buttons an fields, but scripting wouldn't work either after the form had been signed.  Is there a roundabout way of doing this, or is it even possible?


      -master of the precious

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          Rui Esteves Level 3

          I think you won't be able to do that.


          In reader 8 or previous you could get around that by not locking all the fields with each signature, but in reader 9 this doesn't work.


          You'll have to add all the data you want  (this includes files), certify the document and then add all the signatures you wish to add.


          Anyway, this was the only way i got that to work, there may be other ways.

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            I borrowed heavily from an NIH form for scripts. Basically, copying and pasting subforms, and making sure that I consistanly renamed Objects so they made sense for my form.


            I am attaching an NIH form that has the Add Attachment on Form SF 424 (R&R), about two-thirds of the way down on the second page of that particular form. (BTW, there are some cool things in this form.)


            Signatures: Do you have "Lock Fields After Signing" checked off? I think that is the default. Try unchecking it. This is on the Signature Tab of the Object Tab for a Signature Field.


            Hope this helps!

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              Lotr Gollum Level 1

              Nice form, my problem, however, is that I need to lock some fields with the signatures then attach files. :(  I guess LiveCycle isn't capable of that. :(

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                Rui Esteves Level 3

                Livecycle is more than capable of that.


                The problem is that if you use reader 9 or above you won't be able to work well with your form.


                If you use reade 8 or below, no problem then.

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                  Lotr Gollum Level 1

                  My clients use Acrobat 9, which doesn't seem to allow it either.  There has to be some roundabout way of doing this...


                  -master of the precious