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    drawing object looses roundness when enlarged.


      Hi all,

      in my movie I have a round drawing object, which i wish to view enlarged (about 2000% of original size) . while editing it looks fine and round but after publishing all theroundness is lost and instead i get visible angles.

      i attach 2 images to visualize, one from the editing stage and the other after publishing.


      is there any way i can get around that strange effect? i created the image from some text i "broke apart" to a drawing object.



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          I cannot reproduce your issue can you example a bit more. I'm assuming that you are doing some type of exploding text where the text enlarges to appear as if it is coming toward you. In my reproduction of said scenerio my letters retain their smoothness. What version of Flash are you using and what are your publish settings? When are you actually getting the rigid look, only on published file?



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            crippletoe Level 1

            Hi Josh,

            thank you for your help.

            you are right. i am going for the "exploding text". I am using Flash CS3 Proffesional and the rigidness appears only on the published file.

            since i am using my own font and not a system font i "broke down" the text (ctrl+b) to a draw object so that letter is no longer "text".

            what do you think i should check in my publish settings? i went through them but i might have missed something...


            again, thanks.

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              JoshSquires Level 1

              The only thing I can think of, off-hand is that you have Bitmap text (no anti-alias) on for the broken appear individual letters. Make sure that you have some form of anti-alias on such as Anti-alias for animation and that you have the publish settings for the JPEG quality setup over half. As long as the text is static Flash will embed it so it doesn't matter its a custom font. If you are using dynamic text make sure that you click the embed button and have the correct characters selected (this will increase Flash file size).


              The only way I can reproduce is when I have anti-alias off or I have the JPEG quality very low

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                crippletoe Level 1


                thank for your help again.

                i am not using Bitmap text actually and my JPEG publish quality is set to BEST.

                actually, this even becomes more weird!!

                I tried copying just that specific draw element into a fresh flash movie. a new file. 
                I enlarged the draw element and published the movie-  it came out very round and smooth.

                then, I converted the draw element to a movieclip and applied a simple tween animation to "blow it up" (like i need to have in my original project).
                Published again and there you go! rigidness is back!
                so i guess its either converting to movie clip or the tween animation that does it. but why?

                i havent got a clue anymore...

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                  crippletoe Level 1

                  and than again,

                  now now i have tried the same thing (new file, copying graphics, converting to MC, applying tween) and it works perfectly.

                  could it be a bug in flash? did anyone ever encounter something like that?

                  i am completely confused.

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                    crippletoe Level 1

                    for anyone who is interested, i have figured it out.

                    apparently it is some problem in the way flash draws. i think..

                    i found that if i resize my "broken apart" text to 500%, convert to movie clip and than resize the movie clip to 20% (back to  the original size) the rigidness disappears. I only hope this will not mean a a lot of extra file size but at least everything looks smooth and nice.

                    ( i believe you can resize the movie clip as much as you like and not neceseraly 500% as long as eventualy you come back to the original size..)


                    good luck and thanks.