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    Help required debugging Premiere startup crash


      There have been many updates to my system since I last loaded Premiere and I'm getting this crash message on startup.


      The last name I see on the splash screen was Clip Notes Quicktime.


      My system has Quicktime pro 7.6.2 (515) installed.


      I am uncertain as to where the problem maybe and where to start.


      Thanks in advance for helping



      <!DOCTYPE crashreport SYSTEM "AdobeCrashReporter.dtd">
      <crashreport version="1.1" crVersion="3.0.20080806" applicationName="Adobe Premiere Pro CS4" applicationVersion="4. 1. 0. 0" build="unknown">
      <time year="2009" month="8" day="10" hour="18" minute="44" second="22"/>
      <user guid="7a4e544c-2af1-4f9e-87f5-e3b7846768ff"/>
      <system platform="windows" osversion="5.2.3790 SP 2.0" applicationlanguage="Language Neutral" userlanguage="en_CA" oslanguage="en_US" ram="4094" machine="Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T9300  @ 2.50GHz" model="EM64T Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6" cpuCount="2" cpuFreq="2494 MHz" busFreq="" locale="English (United States)"/>
      <crash exception="EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" instruction="0x1f94307d">
      <backtrace crashedThread="0">
      <thread index="0">
      <stackStatement index="0" address="0x1f94307d" symbolname="VCreatePushWriter"/>
      <stackStatement index="1" address="0x1f9462d8" symbolname="VCreatePushWriter"/>
      <stackStatement index="2" address="0x1f92ecbd" symbolname="Vindaloo::VCustomData::operator="/>
      <stackStatement index="3" address="0x1f949333" symbolname="VCreatePushWriter"/>
      <stackStatement index="4" address="0x0e7cd468" symbolname="unknown"/>
      <stackStatement index="5" address="0x1f947ef0" symbolname="VCreatePushWriter"/>
      <stackStatement index="6" address="0x6c680c24" symbolname="unknown"/>
      <register name="EAX" value="0x00000000"/>
      <register name="EBX" value="0x00000000"/>
      <register name="ECX" value="0x00000000"/>
      <register name="EDX" value="0x1f921870"/>
      <register name="ESI" value="0x04fc20b0"/>
      <register name="EDI" value="0x08253400"/>
      <register name="ESP" value="0x7c8b575e"/>
      <register name="EBP" value="0x7c8b5756"/>
      <register name="EIP" value="0x00000000"/>
      <register name="EFL" value="0x00210246"/>