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    How to Reset Moved Canvas?

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      I have created some custom components inside Brandon meyer's SuperPanel component.



      I have 4 SuperPanel's inside an application container. Once users move/resize the panels, I want to be able to reset the panels x/y positions & sizes back to the initial values when they click the 'Reset Layout' button.


      How do I get the panels to revert back to their initial settings?


      The following code does move one panel but not to the right y position:


      //Get rectangle with initial coordinates

      private var colChartInit:Rectangle;
      private function getInitialPosition():void {
            colChartInit = this.getBounds(this.colChart);               


      //Move to new x,y point           
      private function btnResetLayout_Click(event:Event):void {
           var point1:Point = new Point(colChartInit.x, colChartInit.y);





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          ice1000 Level 1

          I figured it out! Here's my solution in case it helps any others out there. It may not be the 'proper' way but it works.


          I use this in the panel tag: creationComplete="getInitial()"


          The functions in the component are:


                       //calculate initial positions for later reset layout
                       private var _xInitial:int;
                       private var _yInitial:int;
                       private function getInitial():void {
                           _xInitial = this.x;
                           _yInitial = this.y;
                       public function get xPosition():int {
                           return _xInitial;
                       public function get yPosition():int {
                           return _yInitial;


          And in the 'resetLayout' button:


                      private function btnResetLayout_Click(event:Event):void {