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    How to create a text file from a query

    mega_L Level 1
      I need to generate a text file with CF. What I have is a query result with the values from 3 columns, OrderID, VersionID and Amount. I need to generate something like this:
      0000123 | 002 | 1
      0000124 | 002 | 2
      0000125 | 002 | 5
      0000126 | 002 | 1 and so on

      I know I have to use <CFFILE action="write" file="#somepath#Invoice.txt .....>
      but I'm not sure how can I output my query result into this text file??????
      Please help....

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          A couple of ways.

          1) You loop over the query and output it into a text variable then write
          the text variable to the file. You can use string concatenation to
          build the variable OR the <cfsavecontent...> tag on the more recent
          flavors of CF.

          2) You loop over the query and append the output to the file.

          The choice between one and two is largely how is the file
          created|updated? If it is done all at once then option one is a bit
          more performerent. If the file grows over time then option two is the
          way to go.