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    Fireworks keeps freezing up when I try to use form elements


      Each time I use fireworks It freezes up and I have to force quit out of the application each time I select the form elements from the menu bar or the tabs on the right hand side of the screen. 


      I tried updating to the new update but still no luck there.


      I am still running 10.4 os if that might make a difference but I have used it before and it has works in the the past.

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          Nadia-P Level 5

          Not sure if you solved your problem, but if you haven't maybe this may help:




          Restore default preferences

          Quit Fireworks.

          Locate the Fireworks  Preferences file on your hard disk and delete it. The exact location of this file varies from system to system.


          In Windows, preferences are  in your user-specific Fireworks configuration folder.

          Windows [Drive]:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\Application Data\Adobe\Fireworks CS#\English\


          In Mac OS, preferences are in  the Library/Preferences folder in your user folder. For information about locating your Mac OS user folder, see Apple Help.


          Mac  [User]/Library/Preferences/Adobe Fireworks CS#/en/Fireworks Preferences


          Note: On Mac OS, most  Fireworks user-specific configuration files are stored in your  user-specific Application Support folder.

                    The Fireworks CS4 Preferences file is an exception.


          Restart Fireworks.The next time Fireworks is launched, a new preferences   file will be created that restores Fireworks to its original   configuration.