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    SWF loads in FireFox, IE7, but not IE8


      A page in one of the sites on my company's Intranet is using a swf file on one of the pages that loads without issue in Internet Explorer 7 and FireFox 3, but not in Internet Explorer 8.


      When viewing the page in FF3, the page loads as normal and fills the screen to a normal size. When viewing it in IE8, it opens either in full screen or larger (cannot tell) and doesn't load the swf file. Basically all I'm looking at is a big white screen. The only strange thing I can see is that the <object> tags and associated properties are rendered via a string concatenation and document.write function. Frames are used. In FF3, a frame is displayed in the page source that, when clicked, yields the source for the page which contains the swf <object> code. In IE8, the page source is all together without the frames being shown.


      These things may not have the slightest thing to do with the swf file not loading, but I'm just not sure. Are there any reasons a swf would fail to load in IE8, but load just fine in other major browsers, and even IE7?


      I cannot post a link since it's on an Intranet, so I'm trying to give as much details as possible here.