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    Need to deactivate Premiere on a computer




      I had Adobe Premiere CS3 installed and activated on two computers. I mainly used one computer and forgot about it being installed on the second one. I then tried to install it on a new computer that I just purchased but the activation failed because it was already activated on the two previous ones.


      So I uninstalled Premiere on one of the two older computers but didn't de-activate it (I thought that would happen when I did the uninstall). So now I still can't install it on my new computer because it still says I have too many activations. Apparently it never got de-activated when I did the uninstall.


      So how do I de-activate my other computer's copy (which it's no longer installed)?





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Contact Technical Support.

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            Alan Craven Level 4





            When I made this post, the linked thread was 13 places below your thread.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              OK, you have three computers, A, B & C. You had PrPro installed and Activated on A & B. You wanted to install and Activate it on computer C, but can only have two instances of that one license Activated.


              You uninstalled, without de-Activation on computer A, but still have it (where you want it) on computer B. Without the de-Activation of computer A's license, you still cannot install and Activate on compuer C.


              The course of action would be to reinstall it on computer A, and confirm the Activation, which still shows on that computer and on Adobe's records. Once done, de-Activate it officially and then uninstall it. This frees up one instance of that license. Once done, install on computer C and Activate the now remaining license. Yes, it's an extra reinstall, check Activation, de-Activate and uninstall, but that is the only way around it, unless TS can de-Activate the license on computer A, without reinstalling. Only they can help you there.


              Personally, I'd just bite-the-bullet and do the reinsatall, de-Activate, uninstall.


              Good luck,



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                In the OP's case, I do not think that it is an issue of not being able to de-Activate (what got you), but the fact that they uninstalled with out first de-Activating. Uninstall will not automatically de-Activate. From Adobe's perspective and records, though uninstalled, it's still shown as Activated.


                Now, the glitch that got you might also rear its ugly head for the OP, but right now, it was just OE as to the method used - it uninstalled, but was never de-Activated. If it does pop up, then I'd strongly recommend that the OP follow your link to learn of your problems.Here is hoping that it will be a fairly simple matter for the OP though.


                Also, thanks for your link, as I was going to add it to this thread, due to the inclusion of de-Activation issues. Then, I read the OP's situation and realized that, up until now, there were differences. Still, having the link here might help others, especially if the get hit, as you did.





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                  vman028 Level 1

                  Thanks for the replies everyone.


                  Hunt, I'll try your suggestion toreinstall-deactivate-uninstall and see what happens. I hope it's that simple.





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                    Alan Craven Level 4



                    your suggestion of re-installing and then de-activating sounds good to me, as the OP  would then be where I was when I dug myself out of the hole: 3 active installations with Adobe complaining whichever you try to use.  From that point I could de-activate the unwanted original.


                    Linking the two threads should help anyone who tries a search in the future, as you say.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      Though it might take a little time, it could actually be quicker, than calling Adobe TS. They used to be great, but recent reports indicate - not so great any longer.


                      If you run into any "Deactivation Denied," or similar, do follow Alan's link, as that was what he was faced with. Right now, and unless something else happens, that's not your case.


                      Good luck,