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    How do we run and Adobe AIR .exe file?


      I tried running the output for the adobe AIR .exe file, but it doesn't run properly.  I ran the ADL and that runs fine in the same director, but when I run the .exe it's as if my script doesn't run at all.


      Any ideas or enlightments?

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          __antonio__ Level 3

          Are you compiling the project into an .AIR file?


          Publish/Build the .air file after you are done building in whichever program you are using, then run the .air application. Your app should work (nearly) identically as the ADL driven testing app.

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            GenePilot Level 1

            I'm using Flash CS4 and exporting the .exe and other AIR components.


            I am hoping to be able to test the .exe without having to install it.


            Or do you have to install it in order to run it?  Seems like an unnecesary pain-in-the-@ss if you have to install it every time to test it.

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              adobe_paul Adobe Employee

              Adobe AIR applications are designed to be installed to run. Other than installing an application, the only way to test it out is to debug it in the authoring tool (i.e. Test Movie in Flash CS4).


              However, almost everything that you can do in AIR can be tested from the authoring tool. There are a few things that can't -- offhand the ones I remember are testing application updates and launching an app at startup.


              What is it that you're trying to test, that you can only test from the .exe rather than from Flash Professional?