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    Issue with 360 degree rotating tool.

    Sreelash Level 1



                My requirement is mentioned as following:


      Our client has many products. In their site, i need to create an application which can rotate those products. The logic behind the application is explained as follows:


                They had given 72 images of each product, which are in sequential, the snaps had taken at every 5 degree of the product. Then I load all the images as in a slide show application. Since the images are in sequential order, it feels like a rotation. When i load the images, its alpha is set to zero. Then after loading all the images, current image's alpha is set to 100 and previous image's alpha is set to 0. When the rotation starts , this process continues.Hope you understood what I meant.


                Then the issue is concerned with the loading time of images. Since i am starting the rotation after loading all the images, we need to wait for atleast 2 minutes. Can anybody have any idea to avoid this problem. I think the problem can be avoided by changing the logic only. Please help me, it's very urgent.


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