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    No keyboard shortcuts on new installation

    ytlevine Level 1

      I had to install Premiere on a laptop, so I could work on a project the road.

      The laptop has Vista Home Premium 32 bit, with 3 GB of RAM.

      When it installed, it gave me an error with the language pack, or something like that.

      I tried reinstalling it, and got the same error.

      I then tried running the program, and everything seemed to be working.

      But then I realized that no keyboard shortcut are working.

      I probably could contact support, but I am just desperate to get this working...

      Is there anyway to replace the file that controls the keyboard shortcuts with a working version?

      And if so, can anyone provide me with their original file?

      You can email it to me at ytlevine (at) hotmail dot com.

      Thanks a lot!!