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    Help me out in developing LC application

    vinod chattergee

      I am beginner to this technology , and It will be great if somebody can drive me on how to complete a livecycle application.


      I have read much about this LC and, I know, we have LC Designer or LC Workebench designer perspective to design our forms and process perspective to create workflow.


      I have LC installed in my machine and now, i would like to develop an application based on the below use case.Kindly help me out to reach this objective.



      Summary of Use case:

      An employee fills up (online or offline whichever is suitable for him/her) and sends an Expense Reimbursement Form to his/her Head of Department (HOD) for approval. Employee can also use Adobe Livecycle Workspace to fill up the said form. HOD has rights to approve or reject the said form. In case of rejection, employee will be notified through email. If HOD approves the form, it then redirects to Accounts Department for reimbursement. After the operations of Accounts Department like valuation of expense etc., the form then redirects to Administration Department for further processing like cheque no. entry etc. Finally, employee will be notified through email to collect his/her cheque from concerned department.




      Looking forward for valuable suggestions and guidance on how to develop this application(a kind of step by step walkthrough).




      Vinod Chattergee.S