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    List exported images as text and send as email

    Karsten - PXLS

      Hi, I have a problem that I hope you can help me with as it would greatly ease my workflow:


      After shooting newly hired staff each month, I usually have a large amount of images that needs to be edited by other employees that have indirect access to the same folder that I export my images to (in order to make ID-cards ect.). By indirect I mean that they use a specific program to access the folder.


      I would like to be able export these images directly from Lightroom to the specified folder and at the same time make a list of the filenames that I can send as an email to the HR-department.


      Is there a simple solution to this? - Is it possible for instance to make a Lightroom export action open up my email program and produce a list of exported images (just the filenames as text) which then can be inserted into the email?