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    datagridcolumn type

      Hi everyone,

      I want to filter my advanced datagrid through a textinput.This works well.
      But my goal is to choose the column of my datagrid to filter.
      For this, i collect my informations through an xml, and put it into a combobox.

      if i trace my combobox selecteditem.data, i can see the good names. Here it's: COL2.
      COL2 is the advancedDataGridColumn dataField.

      when i try to filter directly my datagrid column it works

      code: return !item.COL2.length || item.COL2.toUpperCase().indexOf(Dict["inputFilter"].text.toUpperCase()) >= 0;

      but i can't get this works using my combobox entry.

      i've been trying something likethat, but it doesn't works.

      code: var actualCOL:DataGridColumn = new DataGridColumn(Dict["comboFilter"].selectedItem.data);

      the problem is that i can't determine the type of the var actualCOL.

      when i, code: trace(typeof COL2); it doesn't display anything.

      If you've got any way to make it works, i would gladly appreciate.

      Thank you all.