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    How to load local videos dynamic in the flex app from specific folder?


      Hi guys,


      I have an application which is working with a lot of video-material. This application should only run offline, so it s an local application.


      My idea was, that you save this application in a folder, which contains:

      - Application.swf

      - assets-folder


      The videos are in the assets folder, and the sources to the different videos are parsed from an xml-file, which the user can load, while the application is running. The application is something like a framework, so it should be extendable with different xml-files.


      Therefore, the videos are not embed, if you export your swf-file.


      So, how can I tell the swf-file, that the video-destination starts in the folder, where the Application.swf is saved?


      At the moment, videos sources are saved in the xml like this: "../assets/videofile.swf" But after compiling, I have to put the asset-folder on my desktop, that the videos are found.


      Thanks for your help,