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    Changing lots of movieclips at the same time?


      Is there a way to make many movieclips change the same way, off the same line of code.. rather than having to write them all out seperatly?




      If this was the original code...


      clip1_mc.onRollOver = function () {

           clip2_mc._visible = false;

           clip3_mc._visible = false;

           clip4_mc._visible = false;

           clip5_mc._visible = false;

           clip6_mc._visible = false;

           clip7_mc._visible = false;

           clip8_mc._visible = false;

           clip9_mc._visible = false;



      I would like to be able to compress it to something more like:


      clip1_mc.onRollOver = function () {

           clip2_mc, clip3_mc, clip4_mc, clip5_mc, clip6_mc, clip7_mc, clip8_mc, clip9_mc._visible = false;



      The above doesn't work... but i'm wondering if anyone knows of a method that will work... saving me from having to write so much code in future?