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      Hey OSMF forum,


      I am just starting out with OSMF but have been using Open Video Player (OVP).

      While comparing the class packages one thing I noticed that the org.openvideoplayer.net package in OSMF does not contain the OVPCuePointManager.

      Is this because OSMF will handle action script cue points in another way?


      It would be interesting to know so that I can plan an eventual migration of our applications to OSMF.




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          Hi Michael. I've been bugging Brian over on the Blog about this here ... http://blogs.adobe.com/osmf/2009/08/osmf-v04-now-available.html


          I'm going to be attempting to hack the OvpCCManager and OvpCuePointManager to allow us to use the old captioning classes in OSMF. Have you had any luck with this yourself? If so maybe we should put our heads together. Get in touch if you are interested.


          Lee Probert


          skype: lee.probert

          [leeprobert AT gmail DOT com]

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            bringrags Level 4

            We haven't spec'd out exactly how cue points will work in OSMF, and how our support might differ from the OVP approach, but I suspect we'll build upon our core metadata support.  The idea is that the cue points would be represented as temporal metadata, for which clients can listen to events and respond accordingly.  The OVP approach is (IMO) elegant in that they define a base cue point manager which is essentially a temporal metadata manager, and which is flexible enough that they were able to build captioning support on top of that base manager class.  One difference we might introduce with an OSMF-based solution is that we'd be adding/changing the metadata on a MediaElement, whereas OVP funnels it through the NetStream.

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              mxc Level 1

              Hi Lee,


              I haven't tried to hack it but I am prepared to give it a go so let me 

              know which approach you are taking


              Micheal X Cronin

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                mxc Level 1

                Hi Brian,


                Thanks for your reply. I agree that AS cue points don't necessarily 

                need to work as they do in OVP but I do like their flexible approach.

                I look forward to seeing your solution.



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                  Poobeard Level 1

                  Hi guys. I will be attempting a hack today. My approach will be as follows ...


                  1. Extend NetLoader (OSMF) and override methods for setting the NetStream object. Replace the NetStream object with the OvpNetStream Object.
                  2. Provide an interface in the extended NetLoader object to pass the OvpNetStream object into the OvpCCManager class.
                  3. Manage the CC as you would within the OVP framework.


                  Brian, without having to dig into the code too much, does this approach seem feasible?


                  By the time you come online later I might have this on my blog ...

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                    mxc Level 1

                    Hey fellow forum users,


                    We have ended up sort of double threading here so for a conclusion to this discussion check out Lees' thread here




                    - Micheal

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                      Poobeard Level 1

                      Whoops ... my bad. Apologies.