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    Problem With CFToolTip

      I have a list of 10 or so options on one page presented as radio buttons. Each is associated with a tooltip as follows:

      <cftooltip sourceForTooltip="/eim/output/graphics/ToolTips/eimef_chemistry_graphics_tooltips.cfm?id= SSS" >
      <cfinput type="Radio" name="Outputtype" value="SSS">  <b>Summary Statistics vs Time For A Single Lab Parameter (Site-Wide For Specified Sample Type)</b>

      As the user mouses over th text of each, an image of the graph that they could produce if they selected the option is displayed.

      The code associated with one of these tooltip options is as follows:

      <cfcase value="XYP">
      <IMG SRC="/eim/output/graphics/tooltips/ConcentrationVsTimeOneLabParameterUpTo10Locations.png" >

      The problem that I am encountering is as follows. The images associated with the first five options display fine and stay. Beginning with the sixth, however, the images repeatedly flash on and off like a strobe (4-5x a second). Inclusion of the autoDismissDelay parameter at different settings has no effect on ths behavior. The images are 30-60KB each.

      I have applied the hot fix as I saw that one of the fixes dealt with tooltips. The one improvement I saw associated with the hot fix is that the stobing now starts with the sixth item whereas before it was applied, it started with the fourth.