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    Loading HTML in IFrame




      We are working on Flex web application where we need to load HTML content inside a title window.



      In the application, there are 9 title windows loaded at the same time within HDividedBox and VDividedBox arranged in three coloums. Out of these 4 of them load HTML content.



      We are able to load the HTML in the IFrame using the custom IFrame component recieved from the location(http://www.deitte.com/archives/2007/09/html_in_flex_wi.htm), but this has many limitations.



      We are not able to load any content, like alert popup above the IFrame, as IFrame is always staying on top of Flash.



      Is there any way to load content above IFrame? Or is there any other solution to this without using IFrame?



      Any help will be greatly appreciated.






      Thanks & Regards,