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    Couple complaints

    Jim Hines Level 1

      Apple priced me out of their game. So I went with a PC and Adobe Production Premium solution. Not miserable but not ecstatic either.


      Transcribe is utterly useless. They shouldn't even advertise it as feature.


      Very slow and clunky. Intel i7 @ 2.67 8 gigs ram. Vista 64. HDV. Slow renders. Very embarassing when with a client. Same with After Effects. These machine specs should be adequate. Vista is not crashing. Why isn't Premiere 64 bit by now? 64 bit OS is not anything new. I have to render even simple things like 15 frame cross dissolve. Playback stutters. Not until export do I see the actual timing.


      Playback on exterior monitor over rides playback in the reference monitor? Why?  I would like to watch it in the external as well as reference monitor? Weird.


      Using trim tools in the timeline is not precise. Trim tools don't move one frame at a time?


      Can't animate title tool parameters. Why?


      Dynamic link buggy to the point of unusable.


      Found the work around but why is there an issue with using a USB mic for VO. USB is not new.


      Why do I have to set "save to" scratch locations for every folder for every project. Waste of time.


      I'm getting the job done and it's not like FCP and Avid don't have their own set of issues but WTF.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Nice summation. Some of the deficiencies you mention have been brought to Adobes attention. What they do with it is a complete mystery. Maybe those bugs/deficiencies will be ironed out with the release of CS6, somewhere in 2013, when a 64 bit version can hopefully be expected, or maybe not. Adobe is so closemouthed, that nobody really has any idea where they are moving when and why.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            Found the work around but why is there an issue with using a USB mic for VO. USB is not new.


            This is most likely an ASIO driver issue. If you have not found ASIO4ALL (sounds like either you have, or that you have found similar that works), it handles most ASIO driver issues. This is more a function of the drivers supplied with the USB mics, and is not Adobe-specific, nor is it PrPro-specific. Many higher-end programs fight these same issues. From Audition to ProTools, some USB mics, just will not function out of the box.


            Good luck,



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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Knock a few clips down to DV when capturing, and report back if the same issues exist.  I work only with DV on a similar system, and the damn thing is fast as hell.

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                Your issue with playback on an external monitor overriding playback in the reference monitor happened to me with the 4.1.0 update. I confirmed this when Media Encoder stuffed up on me and I had to re-install everything. Versions 4.0.0 and 4.0.1 worked OK but 4.1.0 has the issue.