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    Does anyone know how to save / preserve image maps when updating graphics?

    Bob Urwin Level 1

      Hello all,


      I'm currently working on a RH7 HTML project, which I've designed to be used in support of a software application.


      Some of the application's dialogue boxes have quite complex multi-tabbed GUIs, so when it comes to describing their functionality, you often end up with a long list below the graphic image. What this means of course, is that the user is forever scrolling up and down to make reference between the GUI and the explanatory text.


      I hit upon an idea I'd used previously, whereby I created popups to multiple image map hotspots. It works like a dream and the client and users really like the concept - but there's a snag (apparently).


      Because the application is still in development. some of those GUIs are (and will continue to) change. No problem with that either - until I try and insert the updated graphic. Poof !! All my hotspots disappear . . .


      Surely I'm not alone in trying this approach and there must be some way of preserving the hotspots?


      Any suggestions?


      Bob (in a UK time zone)