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    Captivate Books and Training?

      I just bought Captivate 3. The tutorials seem to be very generic and I want to become an expert user. I don't see Adobe classes or books for training. Can anyone recommend some resources for making a newbee into and expert?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, acreli34

          There are a great many "Adobe Authorized" training facilities as well as certified trainers available. You can Google those if you want. I conduct many classes myself for assorted training companies as well as offering instructor led training via the internet if you are interested.

          As for books, there are a few around. Again, using Google should turn up the books that are there. And again, I'm slowly working on building content myself.

          Cheers... Rick
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            jojolina Level 1
            Hi there acreli34

            Rick (Captiv8r) is being ridiculously modest again. There is a really great practical guide available out there for Captivate Users that was written and published by Rick. At the bottom of Rick's post you will see a link to

            "Click here for Captivate and RoboHelp HTML eBooks!"

            Select the link and for a miniscule price you can get a manual that details a lot of the important little details that make the difference between a Captivate module and a GREAT Captivate module.

            Rick, even Yoda was not as self effacing as this, no charge from me for the plug, the book is good and worth the purchase for any Captivate user
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              There is also a fast-paced manual out there called Essentials of Adobe Captivate 3 "Skills and Drills" Learning. It has a CD with exercises on it that you will use to develop a "project" while going through the book. It is written like a training manual, so it does not take long to get throught the entire book.

              Jason Gressman