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    not working with cs4

    wonderings1111 Level 1

      I just installed Kuler yesterday, love the idea behind it. I wanted to directly import into Indesign CS4, but it only shows CS3 on the list for options. I uninstalled CS3 by dragging everything into the trash, then ran the cs3 clean script I found on adobes website. Is this not compatable with CS4 for some reason?

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          Sonika Balyan Level 2



          Kuler AIR Desktop supports only CS3 products, not CS4


          CS4 comes pre-loaded with Kuler. In ID, go to Windows->Extensions->Kuler. It'll open up Kuler Panel.

          You can directly add Kuler themes from this panel to swatches panel.

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            wonderings1111 Level 1

            Thanks! I never noticed kuler before there, probably wouldnt have given it a second thought as the name really means nothing to me.

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              In Reflection 7

              Will Kuler Air Desktop ever support CS4? I prefer Air Desktop over the extensions panel. That's just me. So it would be great if they did support CS4. If anyone knows please chime in. Thanks.

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                nicole anjolie

                Kuler, for some reason, is not listed under Extention in my copy of CS4. I have looked throughout the Library; application support, ect and I can't find Kuler anywhere. I download CS4 again, just in case it dropped on the initial install but it still isn't showing anywhere. Is there any other way to get Kuler into CS4? How did it not get installed into my software? [I did an on-line update-download]

                Thank you,


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                  In Reflection 7 Level 1

                  There is a chance that the software you are using doesn't support Kuler. Which CS4 product are you referring to exactly? If it is Photoshop or Illustrator you should see the Kuler extension by going to:


                  Window » Extensions » Kuler


                  And it should be right there. If you don't see it make sure you are in a CS4 product that supports Kuler.


                  and as a side note I like the extension more than the desktop version now. I just wish it would load a little faster, the searches seems slow even on a very fast T1 connection.


                  I have to say I use Kuler a lot more often than I thought I would.

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                    nicole anjolie Level 1

                    Thank you for your reply.  I am using Photoshop CS4 but not the Extended version.  I cannot understand why it isn't listed with the Extentions folder. 

                    When I was using CS2 or maybe it was 3, you could easily add it to your color palette so when you clicked on your color window, Kuler was one of the choices you had available. I was surprised when I downloaded CS4 that it was no longer there.

                    Do you think that it doesn't come with the stand alone version of Photoshop?

                    I haven't tried using the desktop version yet as I have been trying to get it into Photoshop.

                    Any help is much appreciated : )


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                      Sonika Balyan Level 2

                      Kuler should be there regardless of extended version.

                      Which language Photoshop you are using? Kuler is not available on French Products.

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                        nicole anjolie Level 1

                        using English. I can't understand why it's not there. I have looked under every file for Photoshop and can't find it.  Is there anyway to upload it to the Extensions file?