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    Why does Flash CS4 Slow to a crawl when any ActionScript file is linked?

    Alperian Level 1

      I have removed all unnecessary library import locations from preferences (makes no difference), but as soon as I link an Actionscript 3 file to a .fla, then that AS file just becomes a torrid nightmare to edit. My system is not the greatest (Intel Pentium D 3.4 GHz dual core, and graphics card is an ATi Radeon X1950 4GB Ram running Vista Business), but even Crysis runs better than this on here. The application is ~3.5 seconds behind my text/mouse input even if both .fla and .as files are completely new and empty (just freshly saved to a common folder). If I tab to the Flash file everything runs with alacrity ergo-no problem in the flash environment.


      I am running Adobe Flash CS4 Professional 10.0.2


      It all works very well and publishes great. Just editing is postal I'm afraid. Hope it is something simple.

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