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    Saved file reverts to earlier version

    natural_tools Level 1

      I wonder if anyone has ideas about this problem...


      Working all afternoon on a complicated file in Illustrator CS3, we saved regularly throughout the day. In the afternoon, the entire computer crashed-  complete shut down. When we rebooted, we found none of the saves had "taken" and the file showed the previous day's work only. Any guesses what happened and how to prevent this?



      Background info:

      Using a Mac with OS10.5

      The file is saved to a Windows XP Professional machine acting as a server


      I think the machine crashed because the complexity of the file eventually took over all the iMac RAM. We have had some issues with permissions on the server, but it's hard to believe a save wouldn't actually "save" throughout the day.


      I would appreciate any ideas anyone has.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Are you sure you saved to the right directory? Doesn't sound like it, so in effect you may still have the modified files somewhere, assuming you saved versions, and did not always just save "live" to the currently open file. If none of the file saves had gone through, AI would have thrown an error. At best, I could imagine the server's volume mapping being wrong or it constraining files to some vault/ special directory/ quarantine region, but that is just a far guess. It's more likely the actual docs have ended up in soem default system path on your local system...



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            natural_tools Level 1

            We ran a search on the server and on the machine for the file name to see if it had been saving in an unexpected place, but we didn't get any results. I suppose it's possible it saved as a string-of-numbers temp file or the server messed up the path while saving.

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              I have a feeling that it did not save because it was in use by the server but could not report it because the server has no real personality.


              Or it saved it to a buffer.


              The way around this problem is to one work locally and to do a save as instead of a save which will free up  lot of the stuff that is holding back the RAM form being efficient. Also should make the file a bit smaller.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Mmh, that's definitely not right. Any program would definitely send file append/ file close system commands when saving files and should only receive confirmation on those, if the operation was successfull. I tend to think that your server problems are more severe than it initially sounded, so for the time being, always make use of the Save Copy command referring to a local directory just to be onb the safe side...



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                  natural_tools Level 1

                  Wade, could you explain what you mean about "Save As" freeing up the RAM as opposed to "Save"? How or why does that help? It's a common problem we have with files like this, so I would like to understand.

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                    Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Save As will release a bunch of history of the file that is saved in the PDF portion of the file, especially if you have saved with PDF Compatibility enabled. If you have swapped out a lot of images in the file, this can be quite a lot of space. Some of my files have gone from 30MB to 14MB on a Save As