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    Tagged PDF: Exporting IDs and classes to XML?


      I already posted this question in the Acrobat Windows Forum six days ago, but unfortunately, I received no answer up to now. Maybe this problem can be solved by scripting?


      Once again my question: Is it possible to export class and id information from Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 to XML?


      I've created a tagged PDF using the built-in tools in Adobe Acrobat. In the Tag Property Window, I entered IDs,and defined new classes using the Class Map feature.


      Now I'm trying to export these informations to XML (I tried both "Save As" and "Export to XML") - but unfortunately, the ID and class informations do not appear in the resulting XML file. What went wrong?


      In the meantime, I did some more testing. In the Tag Property Window of Acrobat 8, it's possible to enter various information: type, title, original text, alternative text, ID, language, attribute objects and attribute classes. However, after performing an XML export, only original text, alternative text and language information, respectively, are preserved in xml attributes. Looks rather haphazard to me ...


      I truly would appreciate some help on this subject.