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    ACR 5.4 + Windows 7 (RTM)

    Larry Yuan

      Hi guys,


      I have a new installation of CS4 against Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (RTM) - I'm seeing something really weird with Adobe ACR.  Every once in awhile, ACR will crash when using the straighten tool, which is slightly annoying, but not a deal breaker for me.  However, what is a bigger problem for me is that although the straighten tool works, the guide line that helps you line up the image (when you click and drag) is invisible.  So, when I click and drag a line, then let go, the crop will appear and be correct, but no guide line ever appears.  This makes it extremely tedious to use the tool, as I am lining my photos up with an invisible line.  Anyhow, I have also experienced this with ACR 5.3 and ACR 5.4 against Windows 7 x64 RC, but not any versions of Vista which would indidcate a compatibility problem.  Has anyone else experienced this?