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    Beginners question - transparency? Please help!


      Hi All


      Im pretty experienced with photoshop but literally only just touched Illustrator - I have heard it is better for vector graphics and print, so I've been trying to use it more.


      I have a problem with a logo i have made using photoshop and illustrator thats intended for print. Both photoshop and AI file attached.


      I first selected all the text in photoshop to create a workpath. I exported this path to AI, and then filled in the path sections using the same colours as my .psd text (although i set colour to CMYK mode, so i hope this is right..)


      The logo should be printed on coloured card and therefore background and all spaces within text characters be transparent (eg the middle of an 'o').


      My problem comes when filling in the sections - for example the 'g', when i select a red for its fill, it leaves no gap where there should be in the 'g' (the middle). I then select the path section outlining this gap, and am looking for a way to cut it out of the colour, to leave transparency instead - I want to replicate the same transparency in the same areas as my .psd file


      I have for now filled in the middle of the characters white, just so they dont appear red, but i know this is not correct. Im also not sure now whether - when printed or exported - the background is set to be transparent or, like the character middles, white.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.