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    Cannot install Camera Raw 5.4


      I get messages telling me that I should download and install Camera Raw 5.4.  But when I download it and try to install it, I get a message in a popup windown telling me there is an error and it will not install giving me the option of trying again, doing it later, or aborting.  When I go to Photoshop CS4 my plugin shows Camera Raw twice.  When I click on the first installance (help-plug-in), I have a window popup telling me that it is Camera Raw, when I click on the second instance of Camera Raw, I get an error message telling me that it already exists.


      Is there a way of uninstalling Camera Raw plugin, and installing the new Camera Raw 5.4?  Or, do I want to have both of them in which case, how do I install Camera Raw 5.4?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Search all the directories under your c:\Program Files\ for camera raw.8bi

          (or camera*.8bi) and see how many you find.


          If you only find one and it's in:


            C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS4\File Formats


          then there aren't really multiple copies and I'm not sure what you tell you.


          If you find more than one, then try renaming the one not in the directory

          listed, above, to


          Camera Raw.8bi.err or something then try the camera-raw 5.4 upgrade, again.

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            snowphotoutah1 Level 1

            Have you had any luck re-installing your DNG converter? I get the same message saying that my 5.4 is allready installed, but I can't seem to access it.