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    Adobe Reader - failure to update




      For several weeks my Adobe Reader had been trying to update to version 9.1.3 but, after getting so far it then rolls back and I get a message saying that the update has failed.


      Anyone know how to deal with this?



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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Uninstall, use the Microsoft Installer Cleanup tool, then re-install.

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            So... If, for months, every time I turn on the pc I've gotten a screen telling me that I need to update to Read 8.1.3 (I think.  I've got 8.1.2 Security update), but everytime I try to do that I seem to get essentially the same result, I should do the same?


            I googled and found Microsoft WIndows Install Cleanup Utility.  Must I run the cleaner before I download Reader 9 (or 9.x)?


            Also:  When I try to save pdfs using 8.1.2 security version, I end up "alerting" Avira Antivir.  Always(!) so I think its a false positive.  Could the uninstall-cleanup-instal process celar that up?  Or maybe I shouldn't do the uninstall-cleanup-install because of this problem?


            Thanks so much,