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    Drop-down menus and submitting completed forms



        I have two questions:

      1)  On my form I have multiple drop-down menus.  Is there a way to allow the user to return the field to its original blank state once an item is selected from the menu?  I noticed that I could add a choice to the menu that is simply spaces and when that line is selected, the field returns to blank.

      Is there a better way?  To reset the form following a "mis-click" on one of those menus would be frustrating for the user.


      2) We would like to set the form up so that when the user is finished, they can click on a button and the form is saved in PDF form and also with the XML data.  In reading about LiveCycle, it seems to me that we need to send it to a URL or by e-mail, but we would like for the user to be able to save it to their own hard drive.  Do you have any suggestions?


      Michael H