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    Problem with Adobe 9.1.3 (AIP) and previous Reader versions?


      Hi all,



      I'm new to using Administrative Installs when it comes to Adobe Reader, so please bare with me




      I've put together an AIP for Adobe Reader 9.1.3. I took the 'base' of 9.1.0, and integrated 9.1.1, 9.1.2, 9.1.3 and also did some final customisation with the Adobe Customisation Wizard.





      To help give you some background scenario:




      Our initial workstation image originally went out a few years back, so we've got lots of these still around our site (perhaps 1000). These were originally installed with Reader 8.x. In the meantime, a newer image went out with Reader 9.1.0.




      As our users are allowed to have full admin rights over their workstations, they are able to update their Acrobat Reader's when the update window pops up, however, in reality, some users are always updating as soon as the update is made available, other's don't seem to update hardly at all (luckily, we push the Windows updates down so they don't get a choice with those!!!).




      As we don't automatically re-image all users when a new image is created (it's more based on whenever they get a new PC, or experience big problems), this has led to a situation, where our workstations (approx. 2000), can have any version effectively of Adobe Reader - from 8.x to 9.1.x.




      I built the integrated incremental update install in the expectation that this would basically update anything that is currently out there, i.e.




      Reader 8.x - update to 9.1.3
      Reader 9.1.0 > 9.1.2 - update to 9.1.3
      Reader 9.1.3 - no update




      Having tested this by distributing with SMS 2003, it appears that our 9.1.3 admin install version will happily update Reader 8.x (tried 8.1.0, 8.1.2, 8.1.6) fine, yet as soon as it encounters any occurences of 9.1.x, it fails with the error "Another version of this product is already installed...."




      I would have presumed that a 'slip-streamed' 9.1.3 install would still be able to detect earlier versions of Reader 9 (9.1.0 > 9.1.2) and update them, as surely the Upgrade tables in the MSI's would support this - in fact, I've looked at the Upgrade tables in our 9.1.3 integrated admin install and they do have the ness. upgrade codes for 7/8/9.1.x, so I'm confused as to why this doesn't work.




      I'm presuming that if I tinker around with the Upgrade tables, I should in effect be able to force this MSI to always upgrade a 9.1.x, but has anyone else suffered with this previously when using integrated updates in admin installs? Do you have any details on what I could alter in the tables, as I don't understand why this shouldn't work?




      Thanks in advance, this is proving to be most frustrating!!!