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    Multiple unknown files created when working in Illustrator CS4 on Windows 7

    elite plump

      Hi there,


      If this has been addressed before, I apologize. I've been googling and searching this forum for a mention of this but haven't been able to find anything.


      Whenever I'm working with a file in Illustrator, multiple unknown files are created. When I close Illustrator or reboot my computer, they remain. They have no file extension and their file size is almost always in the same range. In the screenshot below, each file ranges from 7MB to 7.99MB. I've previously had 100+ 14MB to 14.99MB files created. They can be deleted with no consequence.


      I'm currently on the most recently released Windows 7 build that you can download from Microsoft's Website. This problem seems to only occur with Illustrator.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!