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    CC TimedText Collaboration anyone?


      At the moment the OSMF doesn't contain the old OpenVideoPlayer classes for Closed Captioning and parsing TimedText. The answer is in the OvpCCManager and OvpCuePointManager classes and will involve passing in the OSMF NetStream object so it can parse the XML, create the cuePoints  and trigger them accordingly. Before we all go off creating our own implementations would anyone be interested in a collaboration to get this working as a temporary fix until Adobe include their own? If so get in touch.


      Lee Probert [leeprobert AT gmail DOT com]

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          Hey Lee


          I think it would be a good idea to try and base a temp solution on the Adobes http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/osmf/Metadata+Support, as suggested by Brian in the other thread, so that the solution can be easily adapted to the final OSMF spec. What do you think?



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            Poobeard Level 1

            hmmm ... I'm going to try the hack first. If it works then it will be a

            solution in the short term. I don't think we need to jump in bed with the

            OSMF team just yet. We don't know what direction they want to take and we

            can't be sure that what is already in place is stable enough to handle our

            size tens stomping around. Bridging the OVP classes to the OSMF should be

            quite clean and more importantly ... it should just work.

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              mxc Level 1

              Ok look forward to seeing how it works out.


              By the way is there a reason you are using OSMF instead of OVP?

              As you point out OSMF is still quite fluid and OVP has the all the features you seem to require.

              Just curious as I have not really dug into all that OSMF offers contra OVP.




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                Poobeard Level 1

                Well ... funny you should mention it. I might have to start using OVP after

                all ... until OSMF is in alpha and supporting CC. I've looked closely at my

                proposed hack and it aint gonna work ... there'd be far too much hacking.


                The metadata solution seems sound but I can't trust the infrastructure is in

                place properly yet.


                Oh well.

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                  mxc Level 1

                  I agree. It would be fairly straightforward to create cue point manager and CC classes ala OVP but also a waste of time if OVP has all current need to haves and Adobe are working on their own solution.

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                    Poobeard Level 1

                    I've already invested so much time into this player though ... gggrrr ...

                    that's what you get when you're far too eager!



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                      Poobeard Level 1

                      I will still be looking into implementing a solution within OSMF over time so the offer still stands should anyone wish to share knowledge and/or code.


                      Thanks and apologies for the double threading.



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                        mxc Level 1

                        I know what you mean, I love playing with new stuff too :-)


                        Why not write the classes from scratch, they wouldn't have to be too complicated as far as I can see and if you have used the time already.....


                        My approach would be something emulating OVP for simplicity.


                        The cue point manager just takes a netStream and keeps track of its' time code then if the time code matches an event in the cuePoint array an event is dispatched.


                        CC manager adds the functionality for the caption parsing and formatting etc. which if not needed as a reusable class could be implemented in a function that listens for the cue event. I don't know if you are working with an MVC pattern which would make it quite straightforward.....

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                          Poobeard Level 1

                          I'll take a look at the classes. My only concern was the tracking of the

                          NetStream object. I think the only difference between the OvpNetStream class

                          and the normal one is the ability to dispatch a custom event ... if this is

                          the case then it should be relatively easy to copy the CCManager class.


                          Will be a job for the evening now though ... unfortunately.


                          Will be in touch.

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                            Poobeard Level 1

                            Hey back on this thread. I did actually create my own TimedText captioning engine but it is way too hacky to publish.


                            The new OSMF does seem to include captioning though so I am going to take a look at that.


                            I will open a new thread to discuss this.