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    Application.cfc doesn't run??


      I did a project for a customer and it worked great on my test site. So I bundled it all up and sent it off to her. She put it on her host and it didn't work. The error said that there was no session variables defined. So she finally let me in to look and make sure everything was as it should be. Sure enough, all the templates were there. I put in a test page just doing a simple setting of a test session variable and then outputting that variable on another page. Didn't work.


      Seemed obvious to me. The host didn't have session variables enabled for some reason. Upon contacting them, they told me I had to use cookies to set session variables just like in ASP and PHP. I sent them the adobe docs on session variables and explained how to enable them. Today I get back an email saying "We put in an application.cfm file setting session management to TRUE and now it works" They tried then to explain to me how screwed up I was.


      HOWEVER, there is an application.cfc file in there. Very standard one. Sets the session management and timeouts. But for some reason that cfm file is being read but NOT the cfc.


      Is it possible to turn off cfcs? At first I said "wow, they must be on CF5 or earlier".  They claim they are on 8. The only thing I can think of is that *.cfc is not set up in IIS. Any other ideas?